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slider-item slider-item Browse Courses A virtual online studio that provides you with a variety of workouts so that you can train from the comfort of your own home! Suitable for all levels and a minimum amount of equipment is needed. slider-item

Virtual workouts

Authentic workouts that are fun and offer a great range of variation in regards to length and type of training. Browse through the video library to find a workout that fits your needs today!


What people say about Inflowmotion
  • As someone who has lost some fitness and conditioning and is getting back into it, I can’t recommend Maren’s classes highly enough. She’s a real expert on different muscle groups and workouts as well as rest and recovery, and it shows! The variety between and within classes stops me from getting bored, and I’ve noticed immediate results in my physical and mental health. I love that she uses minimal equipment and is always ready to suggest ‘around the house’ options (like plastic lids as sliders!) which make her classes really accessible. Maren, thank you for helping me get through lockdown more healthily, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing next!

    Melanie Mack
  • During 5 months of straining corona-lockdown, Maren and her truly amazing live-training sessions has kept us sane, sound and increasingly fit and strong! Training was never boring, highly addictive, challenging, imaginative and just plain fun – resulting in the fact, that we didn’t skip a single workout. Can’t recommend it enough!

    Sidsel Henriksen
  • Maren’s online classes have helped get me through many months of lockdown! I love the variety of her classes, and have taken a combination of strength and cardio, soma move and barre, which is super fun and keeps me motivated. I have definitely felt my strength and fitness improve over the last few months as a result of taking Maren’s classes three times a week. Despite the classes being virtual, Maren does a great job at making you feel like she’s right next to you, cheering you on and providing you with ongoing tips on how to perfect your technique with different exercises. Plus, the classes being online makes them super convenient and easy to stick to, as all you really need is some floor space, a mat and a couple of weights. I would recommend Maren’s online classes to anyone who is looking to improve their overall fitness, especially if you are short on the time or simply want to join a workout without having to leave your home!

    Sophie Brown
  • Maren’s workouts have changed not only my body and my fitness levels, but my mindset around exercise and my motivation to get going in the mornings. I love her style – sunny, direct, and can jam pack SO much work into an hour. Every workout I come out sweaty, breathless but feeling mobilised and ready for the day. Thank you for life changing early mornings Maren! I would highly recommend your classes for ANYONE who wants to get your mind OR body in shape.

    Nina Gautama
  • Despite many attempts at online training – or at home training in general – it never worked for me…until I tried Maren’s virtual workouts! Maren offers a varied, challenging and not least fun workout, and I feel stronger and more flexible than I have done in a long time. I’m not the yoga type (and definitely not the ballet type!), but I absolutely love both barre workout and especially soma move. Maren puts a great personal commitment into the training, which gives the feeling of showing up to a class – not just being alone in your living room. Also – she’s noticing that you’re there [for livestreams]. Even though I’ve been back to work after a long period of lockdown, I’m still following Maren’s virtual classes – I’m addicted!

    Emilie Weiss

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