On Demand

Soma Move Six

We will explore the lion in different variations, from rocking, gripping to prowling lions – we will try them all!

And there is of course other good stuff waiting for you as well. Roll out your mat and join me.

Soma Move Seven

Get ready for rocking pistols, windmills and quite a few 1-legged dogs.

Oh and did I mention that we will also take that dragon out for a ride?



Soma Move Eight

We will move from flying lunges into our power pose, turning into stars until we carry the world on our shoulders. Come and join me!



Soma Move Nine

Join me and the birds in this outdoor session, where we will explore going into handstand and walking like an elephant.



Soma Move Ten

Rolling dogs, spider steps and walking silent like a panther are just a few of the animals that are going to cross our way. Oh and we will have a bit more handstand fun in our donkey kick!



Soma Move Eleven

Stretching, dancing and twisting dogs await you!


Soma Move Twelve

From prisoner to hindu lunge – how close can you get your nose to the mat? We will also meet a new friend along the way: the swirling lion!

Get ready and move with me.