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The InFlowMotion membership gives you access to all workouts in the video library. There are more than 110 workout videos and new ones are being added regularly every month.

You can choose from different workout styles:

  • Soma Move
  • Garuda Method Matwork
  • Cardio & Strength
  • Barre
  • Movement Bites

Find more information about the different class types here.

There are both long classes (60 minutes) and shorter express classes (30 minutes) available, as well as snack-sized workouts of 5-15 minutes.

You can also find 2 pre-designed workout programs that will lead you through a workout routine for 24 weeks, read more about them and a list of equipment needed in our FAQ section.

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  • 7 day free trial period
  • Variety of workout styles
  • Access to over 110 workouts (and new ones being added)
  • Access to pre-designed workout programs
  • Different workout lengths to suit your needs
  • Membership renews after 4 weeks
  • Only 20 €/22 USD/149 DKK per month



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