Soma Move

Athletic workouts using your own bodyweight
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Soma Move

Get your body moving using your own body weight and nothing else!

2 different class types are available:

Choose between the low impact Soma Move Standing workouts (35 min) and the slightly longer and more challenging classical Soma Move flows (45 min). Both classes combine yoga, gymnastics, pilates and a bit of martial arts into one long flow. You will practise your strength, endurance, balance and flexibility-and it never gets boring.


Soma Move Express classes: all the fun of Soma Move condensed into 30 min.

Soma Move Strength classes: snack sized workouts (15 min) combining known Soma Move elements with known pilates and gymnastics exercises. Mostly performed on the mat.

We will go through a series of dynamic stretches after each Soma Move class and I promise you that you will feel great afterwards!

Soma Move classes are part of the All Access Membership (149 DKK per month).


  • Skill levelAll levels
  • LanguageEnglish

Soma Move is an athletic workout that will take you through a 45-50 minute long flow, combining elements from yoga, pilates, gymnastics and martial arts. An express version of around 30 min is also available to fit into a busy schedule.

Discover the fun of moving barefoot using your own bodyweight and following your own tempo and breathing. This powerful and at the same time graceful workout will improve your flexibility, strength, balance and endurance, whilst being a lot of fun. A short series of stretches are included at the end leaving you calm and relaxed.

Soma Move Standing is a low-impact class. It builds on the same movement patterns but without coming down onto the floor, making it ideal for beginners. Classes are only 35 minutes long and thus ideal when short on time.

NEW: Soma Move Strength! These 15 min long workouts take elements from pilates and gymnastics and mix them up with known Soma Move exercises. Sessions are performed down on the mat and are great as an addition to Soma Move Standing or as a movement snack after for example a run.

Very little equipment needed: Grab your mat and you are good to go!

Or rent a class for 48 h on my on-demand page.

  • Soma Move Standing

    Soma Move Standing is the low impact version of Soma Move and ideal for beginners. You will still break a sweat-promised!

  • Soma Move & Mind

    Sweaty and athletic flows that will get your heart rate up and will make you feel stronger and stronger after each class. Each flow finishes with Soma Mind: series of dynamic stretches that will leave you calm and relaxed.

  • Soma Move Express

    The express version of Soma Move: all the goodness of Soma Move in just 30 min.

  • Soma Move Strength

    A new format that combines known elements from Soma Move with elements from Pilates and gymnastics. Mainly performed down on the mat.

149,00 DKK